Why Invest?

You earned your way the hard way. You want to leave a legacy. And you see what is possible if your experience fuels emotionally intelligent entrepreneurs.

Tell me about the companies

Every entrepreneur has completed emotional intelligence training, has a clear vision for how their company will impact the world and has completed a detailed business training program

How it Works

For a minimum commitment of $25,000, you get to join the Investor Committee, which curates, selects, mentors and invests in Breakthrough Accelerator finalists.  All investments are direct from you to the entrepreneur.

Who are my co-investors?

Learn about the seasoned executives who have already joined our investment committee. View Investors



Breakthrough Angel Network is a group of seasoned business professionals who have come together to fuel leaders to be in massive contribution to the world. We do this through mentorship, advisory services, guidance and seed stage investment to bring them either to a minimum viable product or to the next phase of their growth.

Breakthrough Angels is interested in businesses and executives committed to making a positive difference in the world and to doing the ongoing personal and professional work to uncover personal roadblocks standing in the way of their success.

Are you driven to do well by doing good? Be bold. Join us.


Breakthrough Angels have chosen to make investments into businesses once they have completed a comprehensive business training at Breakthrough Accelerator, with the goal of surrounding the entrepreneur with many of the tools they need to be successful, including education, talent pools and capital.

“I have spent the better part of two decades making every mistake possible as an entrepreneur, advisor and investor.  I have learned that many of my mistakes can be avoided simply by having clarity of vision and commitment to it.  Support certainly doesn’t hurt.  We are committed to supporting our portfolio companies with all three.”

Evan Hackel, CEO and Angel Investor

Our team of investors have self selected to deliver high impact and actionable business tools and advice, paired with a driving goal of community impact.

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This free webinar series is perfect whether you’re a business owner, starting a business or thinking about starting one. There is a huge opportunity to leverage the current environment and learn the skills we need to shift the way we do business and create a win-win-win for ourselves, our teams, and our world.

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