About Breakthrough Angels


What is Breakthrough Angel Network?

Breakthrough Angel Network is a group of seasoned business professionals who have come together to fuel leaders to be in massive contribution to the world. We do this through mentorship, advisory services, guidance and seed stage investment to bring them either to a minimum viable product or to the next phase of their growth.

Breakthrough Angels have chosen to make investments into businesses once they have completed a comprehensive business training at Breakthrough Accelerator, with the goal of surrounding the entrepreneur with many of the tools they need to be successful, including education, talent pools and capital.

Breakthrough Angel Network is closely tied to Breakthrough Accelerator, as our investments are fueling the entrepreneurs who have graduated from the business accelerator.

About Breakthrough Accelerator


What is Breakthrough Accelerator?

Breakthrough Accelerator provides an ongoing curriculum, coaching and access to financial resources to entrepreneurs to affect meaningful change in their respective mission area. It’s exactly the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Who is Breakthrough Accelerator for?

Breakthrough Accelerator targets individuals and executives committed to making a positive difference in the world and to doing the ongoing personal and professional work to uncover personal roadblocks standing in the way of their success.  Several centers in the US offer these individuals a core curriculum, as well as personal and professional development programs throughout the world. For maximum impact of the accelerator program, BA strongly recommends that students of the accelerator to have completed a course of personal development work in transformation or emotional intelligence. Visit the Breakthrough Accelerator site for more information on the types of programs that qualify.