Will you be The Breakthrough Accelerator’s first success story?

We’re just getting started! In a few short weeks, a few select businesses will come together as the first cohort of The Breakthrough Accelerator. Together they will explore ideas, learn new tools, and shift their mindsets to a win-win mentality greater than anything they ever imagined.

They will graduate from the program with a clear vision and a solid plan to accelerate their business to the next level. They will have an infusion of investment capital to create new possibilities.

These are our success stories in the making. Together we are changing the way the world does business. Together we are creating a win-win for humanity and the earth.

Will you be our first success story?


This is what past students have said this work and curriculum did for them

The Breakthrough Accelerator curriculum is based on a 30+ year curriculum and the curriculum of successful accelerators and programs conducted by BA faculty and founders. Here’s the results of past students of this work:

“Without this program and the ongoing mentorship, I never would have known how to respond when I was approached to sell my company. But because of the program, not only did I sell my business, but I was able to create an outcome of financial stability and freedom.” – digital marketing agency owner

“I’ve won 100% of my investor pitches!” – successful entrepreneur

“This program helped me understand not only how much funding to ask for, but it helped me find funding when I thought no one would even consider my idea.” – small business owner

“The ongoing mentorship is amazing. I feel like I have a whole team on my side and working in my best interests. I don’t have to fly solo anymore!” – business executive

“Learning to master my time got me the freedom to start my own company while still transitioning out of my full time job, and I still had time for my family and me!” – startup owner